Rosabelle, believe

The cover of the novel "Rosabelle, believe" by Michelle Cushing

A tale of love so great it transcended death …

A believer in magic, poet Eric Pilot – a man filled with so much love that his dark eyes literally flicker – believes he is the reincarnation of Harry Houdini. See, Eric believes death is a ruse, life’s one incredible magic trick, and he has only one goal – to be reunited with his beloved. On a train bound for Hot Springs, Arkansas, he meets another master of illusions, reserved archivist Dawn Corner, a woman who spent her life fermenting on a vineyard with an unloving family. She has no concept of magic. Not a single belief. Not one thought or inclination. Eric, however, is a man of stupendous magic, and he ignites an ember within her. As a newfound fire rages inside Dawn, she begins to believe in magic too. But will she ever be able to accept that Eric is the reincarnation of Houdini … and she is his wife Bess?

In her third novel, Michelle Cushing follows in the footsteps of other lyrical Southern writers. Rosabelle, believe ignites like flint against steel, taking readers on a journey as alive and fragrant as a green leaf in spring. It is a story of two unique, tragic characters – one cold like funeral black, the other pure fire – trying to find a balance between mystical and logical, light and dark. Join them as they meet in a place where love’s clever sleight of hand spans beyond conventional time.

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Praise for Rosabelle, believe 

“There is, perhaps, no tale quite so romantic as that of reincarnated lovers who once again manage to find each other over the span of time. In this charming novel, Michelle Cushing weaves an enchanting tale of how the spirit of the great magician Harry Houdini returns in the body of a young poet and a believer in magic to seek Bess, his wife and true love, whose spirit now occupies the body of young woman who is skeptical of things magical and mystical. How this great eternal love wins over doubt and skepticism to develop into a great romance will at once captivate and intrigue readers–whether or not they believe in reincarnation.” ~ Brad Steiger and Sherry Steiger, bestselling authors of Undying Love and Real Miracles

“Michelle Cushing’s writing style is infused with a lyrical hopefulness which enfold the reader with the warmth of a friendly old blanket, inviting us to dream as the children she knows we all are at our deepest core.” ~ Jonathan Shaw, author of Narcisa

“Rosabelle, believe will make you believe in magic, true love and reincarnation. It’s a wonderful love story with edge of your seat twists and turns and beautiful love poems. I can’t wait to see the movie!” ~ Dangerous Lee, author of Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down

“It (Rosabelle, believe) was like reading Lady Chatterley’s Lover for the first time. Our book group found it to be just as romantic. Love stories like this only come around ever so often!” ~ Little Tea Leaf book club

“Reading this book is like stepping into a magic show … the first sentence starts, and the curtain opens … Michelle’s words appear, and boom! abracadabra, you’re transported into a magical, romantic world that will make even the most cynical a believer in true love. A literary classic that should be on the shelves next to Like Water for Chocolate and Wuthering Heights.” ~ XT, writer of The Mask of Aubrey Clover

“As an archeologist, I know something about myth and folklore. Rosabelle, believe is a brilliant novel, but the story is worthy to be called a legend. This tale should be recited from generation to generation. Believe in magic and you will find happiness. I certainly found a great amount of joy from reading it.” ~ Dr. Jason Billings, archeologist and teacher




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