Faith Orion’s Field

The cover of the novel "Faith Orion's Field" by Michelle Cushing

“We have a saying in my family – embrace the crazy. You see, it’s like this, everyone in my family needs a straight jacket. The most industrial one they can make. Something that would have confounded even Houdini.”

Chef Faith Orion, star of the FoodWorks Channel, has no intention of “embracing” her family’s motto about craziness. Ashamed of her small town roots, Faith has spent the last twenty years hiding from her past and family. When Faith’s mother dies from lupus, she must return to Mulberry Field, Arkansas to attend the funeral and reunite with her family, a bizarre mixture of lovable characters. There is Granny D, who flies her pajama bottoms atop a hillside every year to signal the sale of her mulberry jam. Faith’s sister Gracie Ann is a new age follower who makes designer bed sheets for celebrities. Brother-in-law Glen “Jonesy” Jones is a self-proclaimed film auteur who makes B-movies and always says “Hot tamales and get your lemons!” when he gets excited. A “magnetized” grandpa, a transvestite uncle, and a niece in love with Patrick Swayze round out the family. But it is motorcycle-ridin’, guitar-playin’, mechanic Eddie Field, a former high school classmate, who helps Faith cope while she helps him deal with the loss of his dead wife.

Join Faith Orion and the rest of the delightful cast of characters in this small Southern town as they “embrace the crazy.” Charming, witty, and melancholy, the second novel by Michelle Cushing will leave readers looking to the stars, saying a soft prayer for those they miss, and embracing the ones close by.

Purchase this book at either Barnes & Noble  or Amazon!


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