Corey Haim and the Meaning of Life

How would you answer this question – What is the meaning of life?

My sister and I wondered this very thing, so awhile back we began an ambitious project, compiling answers to this “simple” question, querying everyone from celebrities to physicists to our friends and family. Ultimately, the project never got off the ground, and none of the responses were ever published. I went on to publish a few novels, including Rosabelle, believe, and my sister’s career went in the same direction, releasing The Mask of Aubrey Clover.

Recently, while going over some of my old computer files, I came across the remnants of that long-forgotten “meaning of life” project, and one succinct answer caught my attention. It was a response from actor Corey Haim (The Lost Boys), who died two years ago on March 10.

This is Haim’s answer that we received via email:

“Live life to the fullest. When you do, you are happy, and being happy is the best thing in the world.”

Regardless of what one might think of Haim’s personal choices, one would have to agree that in a world obsessed with material pursuits, the search for happiness is a refreshing answer from someone who grew up in the spotlight.

In a way, the search for happiness was the sentiment each response we received was trying to convey. Perhaps the only variation is that we all define happiness differently, and perhaps, we all should begin defining it outside the realm of fame, power, and wealth. For me, those three things do not bring “meaning” to life, therefore should never be associated with happiness. While they can bring a certain amount of joy (if I won the lottery, I’d be overjoyed!), those things will never add “meaning” to life and can never add the overall sense of peace that true happiness brings to life.


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