There seems to be a lot of discussion about Michael Jackson’s own role in his death. He’s a drug addict, they say, so it’s his own fault. Well, those people are missing a very big point here. Michael Jackson is not on trial. This court case is not about Michael Jackson’s culpability in his own death. This is about Dr. Conrad Murray’s role in Michael Jackson’s death. Period.

Are these people claiming that Dr. Feelgoods shouldn’t be held accountable for their actions? They are guilty of nothing? In my opinion, these types of “doctors” are worse than the drug dealers on the street. You expect those guys to be nefarious, but doctors are suppose to “do no harm.” We should be able to trust doctors. Would you trust Conrad Murray?

For me this whole “blame the victim” crap that they are throwing at Michael Jackson is based on the notion that people who take drugs (for whatever reason) are “bad people” and they get what’s coming to them. That’s heartless. Sure, if you engage in reckless behavior, there are consequences, but this whole thing is akin to blaming a rock climber for unknowingly buying a faulty rope and falling to his death. It was his own fault, because he enjoyed a dangerous sport and knew the risks? The rope maker is not in any way responsible for the person’s death? Really? Now, granted, I believe the rope maker would only be responsible if they knew the rope was faulty and sold it anyway, kind of like those tire makers a few years ago. Essentially, this is exactly what Conrad Murray did with Michael Jackson. He was Michael’s safety rope. Michael wasn’t an idiot, and I’m sure he knew what he was doing was risky. I’m not here to argue about Michael Jackson’s drug issues, but I do know that he was smart enough to realize he needed a doctor to watch over him. His mistake was trusting the wrong guy. No, I’m not condoning MJ’s use of propofol or any drugs, but I don’t think his drug use takes away from Conrad Murray’s culpability in his death. In my opinion, it makes Murray even more responsible. Not only did he violate his oath as a doctor by giving MJ these drugs, he violated MJ’s trust by walking out of the room and leaving him to die, knowing part of his role was to watch over Michael in the event that something did go wrong.

So, yes, Conrad Murray should be on trial. He is responsible for MJ’s death, and his actions should offend every decent human being on the planet.

(NOTE, Oct. 1:  I also want to clarify that when I compared MJ’s use of propofol to a rock climber, I was in no way insinuating that Michael was engaging in something recreational or something that he “enjoyed.”)