Conrad Murray Trial Rant — Day One

For me, this whole Michael Jackson trial is not about MJ, or celebrity, or drugs, or drug addicts, it’s about ethics. Conrad Murray is not the only Hollywood “doctor” willing to sell his soul for profit, fame, and power — those three things are the holy trinity of Hollywood. Everyone wants a little taste of it, and Murray took a sip and someone died. Doctors like him should be locked up. He should be made an example of. Whether you like MJ or not, no matter what you might think of him as a person, it does not negate the fact that Murray is indeed a “bad doctor,” and that IS what this case is about. In my opinion, if your patient dies because you did something unethical (and he was well aware that it was), then yeah, you’re a bad doctor, and you should be punished by law. Even if by some strange chance MJ took the drug himself, Murray provided it to him — HE is the one who ordered 4 gallons of propofol. Four gallons? Good grief! These celebrity doctors all need a boot up their ass.

And while I’m on it, I don’t get these Conrad Murray “supporters.” If he was a friend, a family member, fine, that I get, but otherwise, what is there to “support?” This is a man who knowingly did something unethical. He was not naive. AND he asked for large sums of cash to do it. His intent was not to “help” Michael Jackson. It never was. It was about making money, at whatever the cost. He played a dangerous game, and he lost, and Michael Jackson died. What this is really about, for most of those “supporters,” is a deep dislike of Michael Jackson. You don’t like MJ, fine. You think he’s a perv, fine. BUT that doesn’t mean you support criminal behavior because of it! In my opinion, there’s no question of Murray’s guilt. He ordered the drug. He made it available. What Conrad Murray did was illegal, stupid, and immoral. Are those things worth making banners of support and standing outside all day in the hot sun, because Michael Jackson didn’t float your boat? That’s what some people want to get riled up about? Geez f-ing louise. Would they let Murray tend to their loved one? Without a doubt, these are the lamest humans on the planet. Bar none.

The whole sorted affair is disgusting. It unnerves me that we live in a society where a man can demand an exorbitant amount of money from a rich celebrity to do him great harm, and people aren’t riled up over that and that alone. Our society is far too accommodating of this behavior. Far too complacent.


2 thoughts on “Conrad Murray Trial Rant — Day One

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  1. Exactly my thoughts as well. You mentioned the 4 GALLONS of propofol. IN WHAT TIME FRAME was he planning on using that? It’s as bad as Klein giving MJ enormous amounts of Demerol in a few months. These TWO quacks should be locked up and the keys thrown away. It is just sickening to think.

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