From Rosabelle, believe:

“It is a wonderful thing to be in love.  The most wonderful of them all.  Few people wish to admit it, thinking it childish romantics, society treating romantic love like fool’s gold, but love and all its glory is the point the origin the everything of anything.  Without it, nothing.”

For those of you with partners, make it romantic, because it is one of the greatest treasures and pleasures we can experience.  For those of you who haven’t found your love, never give up the search, because he/she is out there.

P.S.  Wherever my soulmate is (I’m fairly certain he exists … somewhere), could someone please send him my name, number, email, etc?!  Geez!  🙂  It’s getting lonely here!

Here’s wishing everyone a wonderful, love-filled Valentine’s Day.

Love & cuddlin’,