Russian Roulette with Conrad Murray

We’re going to play a little game, kiddies. You know the rules right? I’m going to load this gun with one bullet, only one, and the remaining five chambers remain empty. Spin the cylinder, put the gun to your head, and pull the trigger. You might get lucky … or you might get the bullet. One thing is certain, after at least six pulls, someone dies.

It was recently reported that Dr. Conrad Murray shot up Michael Jackson with the anesthetic propofol six nights a week for two months. While those odds were not in Michael Jackson’s favor, a recent blogger (I shan’t say the site and give them any publicity) argued that Michael Jackson, not his physician, should be fully to blame for his own death. While there is an element of responsibility on the part of a drug addict, unfortunately he did play the game, that does not absolve Conrad Murray from this crime. And it was indeed a crime. You see, Michael needed an accomplice for his addiction. He was not alone snorting lines in his bedroom or wallowing away his sorrows with a bottle of Jack Daniels. What he needed could only be supplied with the assistance of a medical professional. Someone needed to bring the bullet.

Imagine, if you will, stopping by the family physician on the way home from work and posing this question, “Doc, I’m afflicted with terrible insomnia. Would you mind coming by the house six nights a week and injecting me with an anesthetic? It would really help heaps.” Obviously, any doctor would scoff at such an idea. It’s a preposterous suggestion. Doctors take an oath to heal and “do no harm.” Shooting up a patient with an anesthetic six nights a week would surely cause harm. Maybe one night the doc would get lucky. The patient would awake refreshed, no harm done. Let’s try it again … then again … it could go on for several nights without incident, but eventually, like that lone bullet in a game of Russian Roulette, the gun is going to fire and the person will die.

So, yes, Conrad Murray is guilty of the crime of manslaughter. Murray contends that he never injected Michael Jackson with anything that would have killed him. Dr. Murray shouldn’t have been injecting him at all. Therein lies the point of this case. Murray walked into this situation knowing the odds, ready to play a deadly game. A drug addict is never in his/her right mind. They have one need. One desire. As a physician, Murray should have taken this into consideration. Instead, he provided the ammunition. And why did he do it? Because he was paid to do so. A terrible doctor, absolutely, but he is also one of the worst types of human beings – sacrificing principle and another’s life for greed. Drug problems or not, accidental or intentional, Murray is solely culpable for his actions on the day of June 25, 2009.

Anyone who argues otherwise is ignorant. Michael Jackson’s drug problems are irrelevant. It is apparent that Murray has proven himself to be man of low moral character and should stand trial and be stripped of his medical license. A person reached out for help, and a doctor – a DOCTOR – did the opposite. Now, if that’s not a crime (and a crying shame), I don’t know what is.


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  1. You have hit the nail on the head with this one. It seems it was a kind of “medical enabling” like the kind that helped Elvis into his grave all those years ago. Is it also a little bit of not wanting to question such a famous patient? Who knows … either way, it was very wrong. Jackson was clearly not capable of working out what his best interests were and unfortunately, he sought help from the wrong person.

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