Good read for 2011, “The Mask of Aubrey Clover”

If you’re looking for a great read this year (and it’s surprisingly not something I’ve written, ha!), then check out The Mask of Aubrey Clover.   The story is told through the journal entries of twelve-year-old Aubrey Clover, who suffers from a terrible disfiguring bone disease (the same one suffered by Rocky Dennis in the movie Mask).  Tortured and alone, we follow Aubrey as she escapes her world of torment via fantasy.  Sometimes she imagines that she’s in a 1980s new wave music video, other times she daydreams about finding Edward Scissorhands’ castle, and she often wonders if heroes like comic book icon Senor Captain Magic could be real.  Mostly though, the book is about a pre-teen girl coping with a world of “monsters.”  Aubrey Clover takes the traditional monster story and flips it.  While Aubrey believes she’ll transform like Michael Jackson in Thriller into a werewolf, it is society that plays the role of the pointy-tooth antagonist.

Brilliant prose, a fresh voice, and memorable characters are only a few of the reasons to open Aubrey’s journal.

This is no kiddie book, but its melancholy theme will touch both adults and children.  Look for a more detailed review to come on this site.

The book is currently available for purchase at Barnes & Noble and all fine book shops.




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